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* foto bbs loli model *The Castaway Hotel-Book 5-by BW (Young-Friends). Copyright 2002 by billwstories
Chapter 17 - The up side of life. March 2002When we got home and told the boys about what had happened in court,
everyone was very excited. I guess they had been more worried than I was
about the family being broken up, and now they let loose and celebrated
because that wouldn’t happen. Cole did come over to me and ask when they’d
have to meet with his mother, and I told him she would call first, to set
something up, but I hoped that he would give her a chance to atone for her
past mistakes. I explained to him that sometimes people do things they are
ashamed of later, especially when they are under the influence of other
things, like drugs preteen lolita bbs archives
or alcohol, and I was hoping that he might give her a
chance to prove that she had preteen lolitas model links really changed. He did argue with me some,
about not wanting to forgive her for all the hurt she had caused his
brother and him. He was still very sensitive about this, but after I
explained to him that if she hadn’t done what she did, then he would have
never ended up with us, lolita hard dark preteen so he finally decided that maybe her actions did
benefit his brother and him in some way. He ended our discussion by saying
that lolita young panty pics he’d try not to be too hard on her.Later Graham came to me, with some observations of his own. “Well, Dad, I
guess I’m beginning to understand the messages from Brent better.”"Why? What do you mean?”"Well, I now know that the gray haze around someone means something bad is
going to happen, but it’s something that can be worked out. The dark gray
haze means something bad is going to happen, but it’s not fatal, and the
dark black means something really bad is going to happen.”"Well, it sounds like you have it figured out. Does that mean you’re
become more comfortable with your gift then?”"Yes, I am. It still bothers me sometimes, but I know it’s a part of me
and I’ve got to learn to live with it. It’s not as bad as I first thought,
though.”"Well, I’m glad to hear that. It makes me feel better.”"Yeah, me too.”That night some of the boys continued their little celebration, but I think
most of it was just to release the tension that had built up during our
minor crisis. Most of the boys were able to unwind quickly, but of course
it took Cole and Graham a little longer to get past all their worries.
That pair found other ways to relax, beginning when Sammy and Andrew asked
them to spend the night with them. The four of them had become fairly
close, since the time that Sammy blew up at Graham over the Andrew
incident, but now these four were tight. Seeing they knew how upset and
nervous Cole and Graham had been during this thing with their mother, Sammy
and Andrew had made their own plans to help them forget their troubles.
Once the four of them were in the room together, they put their plan into
action.Sammy and Andrew were prepared to do wig elegant gothic lolita
all the work, so the other pair could
just enjoy. They took the initiative, having talked this over prelolita top model pix
in private,
and the both of them began to stroke their partners and get them aroused.
Of course Andrew had chosen Graham, so Sammy was with Cole, and the two
boys took a great deal of enjoyment in bringing pleasure to the other pair.
Once they had them erect and wanting more, they began to work on them
orally, using their tongues and mouths to bring them even more pleasure.
In the half-light of the room, two little heads began to bob up and down,
impaling their mouths over the rigid organs of their partners, and the
other pair was in ecstasy from the sensations. As the younger pair
continued to nod up and down, suctioning the shafts of the older boys, the
older pair began to buck in rhythm, trying to mirror prelolita top model pix the younger ones’
movements. This activity continued until each of the older boys released
his own load of cream into his benefactor’s lolita hard dark preteen
mouth, and then they got to
enjoy the warm, glowing feeling that makes every boy feel so good. Once
they had recovered, they decided it would only be fair to return the favor
to the ones who gave them so much pleasure, so they did just that. Now the
older pair sucked and licked on the other two, until they also had the
opportunity to enjoy the same pleasurable release, even if it was a dry
orgasm for Andrew. When that session was over, they cuddled with each
other and fell asleep, staying that way until the next morning. When I
checked on them in the middle of the night, it looked like a litter of
puppies, all tangled together for warmth and security.In the light of day, everything began to look better and we were able to
reevaluate our circumstances. In an effort to find out about the DSS
investigator who had written that horrid report about us, Sally contacted
some of her friends at the state level, and she began to ask questions
about him. She even had one of them investigate his credentials. She also
made a formal complaint about what he had done, stating that she thought he
had let personal feelings interfere with his judgment, thus unfairly
appraising the situation. After conducting a formal investigation of this
matter, the state panel agreed, and reopened all his old cases, to look for
similar signs of his use of guilt by innuendo. I guess they eventually
found many discrepancies in those records, so many, in fact, that they had
to reevaluate or correct the dispositions of his previous investigations.
Due to all these irregularities, he was suspended without pay, while the
panel tried to decide what should be done to correct all the unfair reports
he had written. I guess his days of using his own prejudice to influence
official decisions were over, at least for now. Also, the state was going
to try to make up for some of the past wrongs that had been done to others
because of his bias.After things had settled down for us, I realized I had forgotten to call
Mark at college, to arrange for his coming here to work for the summer
again. He was going to come back so he could continue to handle some of my
personal accounts, and some of those from the Castaway Foundation. My
friend, who had been working as Mark’s mentor, was planning to give Mark
some more tips on handling other types of investments, especially the
riskier varieties. He would show him how he approached these investment
vehicles, and then work with him, as he attempted to handle funds of that
nature. I felt it would be a good learning experience for Mark, but I
wanted to warn him about Nigel’s impending visit too, so he would know that
Nigel’s boys and mine might be doing some things he wasn’t accustomed to.”Mark, it’s Josh Currie. I’m just calling to verify your plans for the
summer.”"Hi, Pop. Wow, I was just thinking about you. This is really strange.”"Well, I was thinking about you too. So do you know when you’ll be coming
here?”"Kind of. underage pics lolita preteen I’m going to spend a couple weeks great lolita freedom bbs with my mom, but I thought I’d
fly out there in early June. Would that be okay with you?’”Of course it would. prelolita latina top model We’re looking forward to seeing you again. Some of
the boys have been wanting to know when you’d be arriving.”"That’s great. I’m looking kid dark portal lolita forward to seeing them again too. How is
everyone?”"Oh, they’re all doing fine, but Ricky won’t be here. foto bbs loli model
He’s leaving as an
exchange student to Australia. The house won’t be quiet though, as we’ll
be having some other visitors lolita young panty pics joining us in August, a guy and his family
whom we met in England. They’re coming over to visit and they’ll be
staying with us. We’ll be taking them on some short trips and you’re
invited to join us for any or all of them.”"Really? That sounds cool, but I’ll have to work.”"Well, most of these trips will be taken on great lolita freedom bbs the weekend, maybe sometimes
making them extended weekend trips, so I think you’d be able to go on at
least some of them. We’d really like for you to join us, unless you and
your female friend at the bank have other plans.”"Well, Pop, we just might. We’ve kept in touch ever since I left there, at
the end of last summer. Do you think she could join us sometime too?”"Well, I’m sure we could include her on one or two of these trips, but I’m
not sure she’d enjoy all of our plans.”"Why’s that, Pop?”"Well, Nigel and his boys are naturalists, and we are planning to go to a
naturalist camp too.”"You mean like a nudist colony, where no one wears clothing?”"Yes, that’s what some people call it.”"And all the boys are going too?”"Yes, they’ve been to similar places before. In fact, that’s where we met
Nigel and his boys, at one of those places in England.”"Really? And they don’t mind running around naked in front of other
people?”"Not really. In fact, I think most of them enjoy it. Most of the time,
they tend to run around that way at home too.”"But doing it in front of your brothers is one thing, but in front of
strangers, especially strangers of the opposite sex, that’s different.” He
paused briefly before he continued, and I didn’t interrupt him, because I
knew he was just collecting his thoughts. “Well, I have wondered what it
would be like myself. I saw the boys skinny dipping in your pool last
summer, and I really wanted to join them, but I was afraid they or you
might get upset if I did.”"And why would we have done that? You’re just as much a part of this
family as anyone else, so you do whatever you’re comfortable with.”"Do you mean that? I am a russia lolita kdz bbs bit older than them. They’re minors, but preteen lolita bbs archives I’m
considered an adult.”"That doesn’t matter and of course I mean what I said. It was just that
some of the boys weren’t sure you’d want to be included in some of the
things they did. foto bbs loli model They are kind of exhibitionists.”"Man, I would love to try things like that. I always wanted a brother or
two, and doing things like that would be so neat.”"Then plan on letting your hair down while you’re here, and having some
fun. I’ll let the boys know you’re up russia lolita kdz bbs for something different, and when
Nigel’s boys get here, there’ll be plenty of naked bodies running around
the house.”"Hehehe. That sounds like fun. Thanks, Pop, and I’ll see you in a few
weeks. And I think I might go with you to that naturalist camp too, if you
don’t mind.”"Not at all, and I’m sure I’ve got a couple of boys here that can’t wait
for that either.”"Do you mean about going to the camp or seeing me naked?”"Both,” I answered, and then chuckled. I think Mark knew which boys I
meant, too. When I hung up with him, I think I had discovered a new side
to his personality.When the last weekend in May arrived, Kevin and I traveled to attend the
scholarship banquet on our own. The invitation only included the finalist
and his or her parents, so we couldn’t bring anyone else along, not even
Vinnie. Vinnie was pretty good about the fact he couldn’t join us, though
Kevin and I could both tell he would have liked to be there. He did wish
Kevin the best of luck, before we left, and I think I saw tears in his eyes
as we were driving away. Once we arrived at the building where the event
was taking free underage prelolita sex place, we made our way to the banquet room and were greeted by
representatives from the sponsoring group. After introducing themselves,
welcoming us, and congratulating Kevin on having made the finalist list, we
were encouraged to mix with the other finalists, so we could get to know
them too.There were probably fifteen or so young men and women wandering about,
though most were not doing much mixing. Unfortunately many of these kids
seemed to prefer the company of their own families and didn’t try to get to
know any of the other finalists. We spoke to a few of them, exchanging
names and where we were from, but I could tell no friendships were going to
arise from these introductions. Some of the parents accompanying their
child only loli lolicon image bbs seemed interested in learning if they won a scholarship and
nothing else. With such a narrow focus, they would be the only ones to
lose out.After a few more minutes, a young boy came over to us and he began to chat
with Kevin. “Hi, I’m Jeff,” he told him, “and I see that you’re here with
only your dad.”"Yeah,” Kevin answered, “my dad is the only one I had to bring.”"Me too,” the boy responded, enthusiastically, “but not my dad, just my
mom. My dad took off when I was little and we haven’t seen him since.”"I’m sorry to hear that,” Kevin told him, trying to be sincere.”That’s okay, I’ve gotten used to it. No big deal any more. What happened
to your mother?”"I’m adopted, and dad’s wife died a few years before he adopted me?”"Really, he was all alone, but he still adopted you?”"Yeah, and not just me. I have several adopted brothers too.”"Wow! How many did you say?”Kevin went on to explain to the boy about the family, including my
biological children and grandchildren, and the boy seemed quite interested.
I was glad to see that someone was being friendly. naked lolita girls sites While Kevin and the boy
were talking, I went over and introduced myself to the boy’s mother, and we
got to know each other while our boys continued to bond.”Wow, I always wished I had a brother,” Jeff told Kevin. “Sometimes it can
be a kind of lonely being the only child all the time.”"Yeah, having brothers is really great, but sometimes it’s hard to get some
time to yourself. I guess we both have problems sometimes, just the
opposite ones.” The boys continued chatting underage pics lolita preteen until an announcement was
made, asking everyone to be seated. As luck would have it, we were seated
together, at a table for four, as all the other tables were prepared for
six. It might have been just a numbers game, or maybe they thought single
parent families would have something in common, which would give underage pics lolita preteen them
something to talk about.We had a nice meal and we continued to talk while we ate, and we got to
know each other better before the presentations began. While Jeff’s mother
and I talked about a variety of topics, the boys began to talk about why
they wanted to become pharmacists. “Man, I hope I win this scholarship,”
Jeff told Kevin, “because I’m not sure if I can afford to go to college
without it. My mom works hard now, just so we have food, clothes, and
things like that. I have a job too. I work after school and on the
weekend, so I have money to buy a few extra things that I want. I’ve tried
to put money away for college, and I have saved some, but not enough to pay
my own way.”"This is really important to you, isn’t it?” Kevin asked him.”You bet it is. I know I could make enough money as a pharmacist, so I
could help take care of my mom and make it so she won’t have to work so
hard any more. After all she’s done for me, I really want to be able to do
that for her.”"Well, I hope you win the scholarship then. I think you deserve it.”When the meal was over, the president of the association went to the podium
and got things under way. First he introduced all the finalists, having
them stand up at their table for recognition, and then he introduced the
members of the committee that had selected them. Next, he got down to the
business at hand.”This is a very select and impressive group,” he began, “and I know you
will all make tremendous pharmacists in www prelolitas bbs net the future. The committee had l s lolita studio
difficult preteen lolita bbs archives decision this year, even more so than in previous years. The
reason for this was that this year we had two scholarships to award. The
first is our normal scholarship, a full scholarship to any Pennsylvania
School of Pharmacy. The second one came about due to a donation from an
anonymous member of our association. He has donated enough money to
provide a partial four-year scholarship, once again to a Pennsylvania
School of Pharmacy.” At this point, there was a round of applause,
signifying that everyone approved of this generous second opportunity.”As always, the final selections were quite difficult. Each finalist had
outstanding academic credentials, and each had received glowing letters of
recommendations from their teachers and guidance counselors. The judges
often have to scan those letters with a magnifying glass, looking for the
little things that indicate one candidate is slightly more qualified than
the others, or possibly just more motivated. It is not an easy process,
but once that step is completed, we then turn to the essays the candidates
wrote, telling us why they want to be a pharmacist. Although all those
essays were very impressive, two stood out and those two individuals turned
out to be the recipients of the scholarships.”We will begin by awarding the partial scholarship first. This young
person stated that he wanted to become a pharmacist so he will be able to
take care of his mother, and return the love and support she has given him
up to this point. This, coupled with his outstanding grade point average,
his extracurricular activities, and a strong desire to succeed, made him
our choice for this award.” Before he had even finished what he had to
say, those of us at our table knew who the winner was, and Kevin and Jeff
could hardly contain their excitement. When Jeff’s name was announced, he
stood up, straightened his tie, and walked very purposefully to the head
table, where he was to receive the document signifying his prize. After
getting this, he said a few words of thanks, and then he returned to our
table, where he russia lolita kdz bbs was hugged by his mother, before Kevin and I shook his
hand.”The next person will receive the full scholarship,” the president
continued, once the applause for Jeff had died down, “and this person had
an even more unique reason for wanting to be a pharmacist. I think I
should read part of this essay, so you can appreciate what I’m saying.” He
now began to read from the paper he was holding.”There are many reasons for my wanting to become prelolita top model pix a pharmacist, including my
desire to be part of the process of making people well. Although it is the
doctors who prescribe the medications, a pharmacist can catch errors and
prevent lethal combinations of drugs from being taken at the same time,
thus helping to save a life. I have benefited from the skills of many
pharmacists since I was born, along with various other members of my
family. I think it is a wonderful and beneficial profession, and I look
forward to doing my part to uphold its fine traditions.”There is, however, another reason that I want to become a pharmacist, and
maybe this is a bit more selfish on my part. I have seen that a
pharmacist’s average salary is quite high, and I want to make enough money
so I can help my dad raise my brothers and maybe even adopt more. My dad
is a great man, who has helped many people over the years, including all my
brothers and me. I just want to sexy young loli teenie
make sure he has the money he needs, so he
can continue to help all of them, and maybe even more boys like us. If I
can help him with the financial end of taking care of all these people, I
hope he’ll be able to help as many as possible, and do the same things for
them that he’s done for the rest of us.”At this point, I think both Kevin and I had figured out that he had won the
scholarship, but he looked at me, his face slightly reddened, not having
anticipated this type of attention. When his name was announced and he was
asked to come forward, he did so, but he moved kind of sheepishly, like he
was embarrassed to have won this honor. Before he could say anything, the
president asked kid dark portal lolita
him to explain about his family, so he gave them the short
version of our family history. I could see his reluctance to bring so much
attention to prelolita latina top model himself and the family, though he was in no position to refuse
such a politely asked question. His apparent modesty in answering this
question seemed to be an endearing quality to those who were listening to
his explanation, thus making it less difficult for them to accept his
having been chosen over their loved one. When he was done, he thanked the
association for this wonderful honor, and then he received a nice round of
applause.Jeff jumped up to shake his hand when he got back to our table, and he was
beaming with enough pride for the both of them. Shortly after this, the
ceremony ended and those in attendance began to leave. Jeff told Kevin he
was pleased that the two of them had won, as they appeared to need the
scholarships more than the others. Kevin looked even more sheepish after
that was said, knowing he was in a better financial situation than his new
friend, maybe even better than the others who had been finalists. He told
me he was going to speak to the president, probably to thank him
personally, and he left me to talk with Jeff and his mother while he was
gone. It was a just a couple of minutes before Kevin returned, and then he
pulled Jeff aside.”I just talked to the president, and I got him to agree to let us switch
scholarships,” he told Jeff. Jeff looked confused by this statement.”But why would you want to do that? You have the better one.”"I know, but I also have quite a bit of money put away for college, so I
can afford to pay for at least part of my expenses.”"No, that’s not fair. You won, and you should have the better
scholarship.”"Please, Jeff. I want to do this for you. Even though my dad adopted so
many boys, we have quite a bit of money for the family, and he made sure us
boys had accounts in our preteen lolitas model links name too. I actually have enough money to pay for
college by myself, and I didn’t really apply for this scholarship. One of
my guidance counselors put my name in for it, and then told me to write the
essay about why I wanted to be a pharmacist. I didn’t even really know
what it was for, and I didn’t even remember that I gave it to the counselor
to send it in.”"But you didn’t even talk this over with your l s lolita studio dad before you did this.
What is he going to say? Isn’t he going to be mad?”"No, he’ll understand and approve of what I did. I know he will. Watch.”
Kevin walked up to me, got my attention, and then proceeded to tell me
about what he had done. I knew he must be waiting for my reaction, so I
just smiled, hugged him around the shoulder, and told him that was a very
generous and selfless thing to do. Then I told him I was proud of him.
Jeff seemed shocked by my attitude, so I reached over and extended my hand
to shake his, telling him to use the scholarship wisely and to make the
most of it. After he promised that he would, his l s lolita studio mother made sure to thank
both Kevin and me for having lolita hard dark preteen
done this, and prelolita top model pix then hugged and kissed Kevin.
After she released him, Kevin shared some more news with us.”The president said that any publicity would read that I won the full
scholarship and Jeff had won the partial, but they were willing to let us
switch them otherwise. I hope that doesn’t bother you.” He was looking at
Jeff now, as if he expected Jeff might get upset about this fact.”No way. You should get the credit. I can’t thank you enough for doing
this for me. free underage prelolita sex I was happy to have won the partial scholarship, though I
knew it meant I would have to work while I was at college, to pay for books
and other things. Now this will let me concentrate on my studies and I’ll
only have to work a little, for spending money and such. I hope we end up
in the same place. Do you know where you’re going to go?”"Yes, I’m going to Temple,” Kevin told him.”Really, I was accepted by both Temple and Pittsburgh, but I told them I
had to wait and see about this scholarship before I could decide if I could
go. They said that was all right, but I knew I wouldn’t be going to either
place without some kind of help. I’m going to tell Temple I’m going to go
there, so we can be together. Okay?”"That would be fine with me,” Kevin told him, “if that’s where you really
want to go.”"Well, both have very good departments for pharmacy, so I would have been
happy going to either one. Now I’d prefer Temple, if it means we might be
in the same classes.”"Great, then maybe we can see if we can also become roommates. Possibly I
can get my dad can pull some strings for us, as he knows lots of important
people.” Now both boys looked at me, giving those pleading puppy-dog
faces, so I told them I couldn’t make any promises, but I’d see what I
could do. The boys then hugged each other, Jeff’s mother thanked us both
again, and we russia lolita kdz bbs walked them out to their car. We said our good-byes, invited
them to visit us sometime, and then we headed home. On the way back, I
told Kevin once more what a wonderful gesture that was and how proud I was
of him. That’s when he told me it was just his way of helping someone else
like I had helped him and his brothers.”Dad, look at it this way. It wasn’t a tough decision for me. I’m going
to college whether underage pics lolita preteen I have that scholarship or not. In fact, I’ve been
planning on going to Temple and paying for it myself, even before I knew I
was even a finalist. The difference was, Jeff might not have been able to
go in the first place, or maybe he would run out of money before he
graduated. But now that he has that scholarship, he won’t have to worry
about anything but his grades. I just wanted to make sure he had every
chance to improve his life too, and the partial scholarship will be preteen lolitas model links more
than enough for me.”I thought about this and realized he was right, yet sexy young loli teenie
I was still very proud
of him for having reasoned that all out on his own, and then acted upon it.
I told him so, once more, and then we rode the rest of the way in silence.
As I drove along, I continued to think about his good deed. Maybe people
are right when they say that one random act of kindness can take root, and
soon it will multiply and spread, from one individual to another. I guess
Kevin was just making sure he passed his share of kindness along too.Kevin and I had to drive straight home that same evening, as the next day
was graduation day for him, Danny, and Brandon. prelolita top model pix
I was so proud of the
three of them, as they had all done very well in their classes, and
although none of them were valedictorian or salutatorian, they were all in
the foto bbs loli model top ten percent of that graduation class. Kevin was able to russia lolita kdz bbs get some
sleep on the ride back, but only for less than half of the trip, as he was
still too wound up from winning the scholarship and about what he had done
for Jeff. It was well after midnight, by the time we got back to the
house, but I woke Kevin up and helped him into the house and up to his
room, as he was still a little groggy. I helped tuck him into bed next to
Vinnie, who woke up and wanted the details about what happened. We told
him he’d get the whole story in the morning, so he russia lolita kdz bbs just cuddled up next to
Kevin and prepared to go lolita hard dark preteen back to sleep. I kissed them both before I left
the room, and then I went to my own room to get some rest.Jake also woke up when I entered, though I think he might have awakened
when we came in the foto bbs loli model
house, and all I told him was the Kevin had won a
scholarship and he’d get the full story over breakfast. He must have
realized I was beat, so he foto bbs loli model didn’t protest at all, and I crawled in next to
him and dozed off pretty quickly. I did sleep well, though I did seem to
have many dreams that evening, mostly about the boys. During my slumber I
relived Kevin’s receiving the scholarship, I pictured the graduation
ceremony, and then I had a dream about what the house would be like next
fall, with so many of the boys leaving for school. When I awoke the next
morning, I was experiencing a mixture of emotions, ranging from pride over
the boys’ accomplishments, gratitude for the example they had set for their
younger brothers, love for all they have meant to me, and sadness to know
they would be leaving me before much longer. Now I wondered if I’d be
going through this same dilemma every year, and how much worse it would be
when the last one left the nest.That morning I let Kevin fill everyone in about the banquet and his being
awarded the scholarship, and then I watched the reactions on his brothers’
faces when he told them about having swapped scholarships with Jeff. I
think a couple of the younger ones thought he was nuts for doing that, but
it appeared that the older ones not only understood, but agreed with his
actions.”You know, that was a super move you made,” Frankie told him. “I guess
that must mean you think like Dad, and put those less fortunate ahead of
even yourself.” He looked at me and smiled, then winked. All I could do
was mouth a silent ‘thank you’ in return.”Yeah, I guess I might have done the same thing,” Danny told him. “After
all, Dad has made sure we’ll all be able to go to college, so why should we
deprive some other kid of the same chance? I agree with what Kevin did and
I think he might have made a life-long friend by doing that.”This comment seemed to bother Vinnie, who had already begun to consider
himself Kevin’s life-long friend, if not more. I think that little green
monster called jealousy started to rear its ugly head, as he realized those
two would be at college together, and maybe even roommates. I saw a naked lolita girls sites lot of
whispering going on between the two of them, but I assumed Kevin found a
way to reassure him that he and Jeff would only be friends, and Vinnie
seemed to relax and let the matter drop after that.After breakfast, everyone went to get ready for the ceremony, and I made
myy rounds around the house, to make sure everyone had what they needed and
was dressed appropriately for this occasion. While the boys were getting
ready, Brandon’s parents arrived at the house to join us. They had flown
in on Friday night and had been staying with other friends in town, as they
thought we were already too crowded for them to join us. They had also
taken Brandon and Danny out Saturday evening, while Kevin and I had been at
the scholarship banquet, and spent a quiet evening with the boys then. Now
they were here to pick-up Brandon and Danny, and have the boys ride to the
school with them, while the rest of us piled into our vehicles. Almost as
soon as we arrived, the graduates went off to join their classmates and don
their caps and gowns, in preparation for the big event. The rest of the
family and I went to find seats where we could see all that was going to
happen, and possibly snap a few good pictures. Jake and I talked to
Brandon’s parents while we waited, filling them in on the little things
that had happened since we last spoke to them, and then we finalized the
plans for Brandon to rejoin them in a few more weeks. Brandon’s mother had
wanted him to come and spend the entire summer with them, but he had so
many other things going on and he didn’t really want to leave Danny for
that long, so that wouldn’t happen. After much talking about it, Brandon
and his parents had finally settled on him joining them in July and staying
until he left for college.It did seem like it took forever before the ceremony began, and naked lolita girls sites some of the
boys got a little restless, but everything settled down once Pomp and
Circumstance started to play. I snapped off a few pictures of the
graduates, as they marched past where we were sitting, and I got a couple
more photos of them as they sat on the stage. I also made my loli lolicon image bbs way forward
to take snapshots of them as they received their diplomas, and again as
they marched past us on the way out. Afterward we took all kinds of
pictures, with the graduates together, of them with their parent(s), them
with their brothers, and various other combinations. We must have taken at
least sixty pictures before we were through. When we were done with l s lolita studio
we went back to the house to prepare for the graduation party we were
throwing for them. They had also invited all their friends, and we were
having plenty of food and drinks, non-alcoholic to eliminate the
temptation, and I knew this was going to be a long day before the party
ended and things settled back to normal. * * * * * * * *If you have enjoyed reading this story, you will find other stories by me at
http://members.tripod.de/wolfslair, in the ‘Other Stories’ section.
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